Belgrade Business Run is the largest Team Building event in Serbia, aimed at promoting sports, healthy living and fostering competitive spirit and good atmosphere among employees. The slogan of this year’s race “THE TRAIL DOESN’T KNOW TITLES”, also showed how it is possible to include socially responsible companies in the joint care of the health of their employees.

Weather conditions didn’t make any difference, so regardless of the rain that fell throughout the afternoon the competitors were motivated and ready. The results were not the most important thing, though it is still worth pointing out the placement of our team.

First place in men’s competition was won by our team, led by the captain, Peter Milutinović, integrated risk manager. The rest of the team consisted of our great guys, Srbo Milisavljević and Miroslav Dukadinović. The time achieved is by far the best result since BBR was organized and will be, we are sure, a real challenge for all those who are looking for the highest ranking in the coming years, which we are particularly proud of.
It is also worth pointing out the results in the individual competition, where our man Miroslav Dukadinović took second place, just behind three-time consecutive winner, Kristijan Stosić.

The boys have shown that it is possible, with a little desire and will, and in addition to all obligations related to business goals, to find and devote the time to healthy life habits, which is neglected by many today.

GS&LP once again takes this opportunity to thank the aforementioned three for their accomplished results, the way they presented us, with the hope that such and similar events in the coming years will be even more massive and that, in addition to high business goals, that the employers will put more attention and dedicate time to their employees.